whalestreet its a non-profit initiative and NGO - tikun haolam

Biodiversity is our life ! Welcome the whales on WHALESTREET !!

The WHALESTREET project is going to exhibit the 80 different cetacean species as a three-dimensional, lifelike and life-sized fix large sculpture.

Including the 32 m long blue whale as well as the smallest whale, the harbor porpoise, this impressive formation is going to be a lasting crowd puller and awareness accumulator for biodiversity and the importance of biodiversity conservation for our life.

A museum in shape of a whale with an associated shop gives an impression of the anatomy of the swimming mammals and provides sound knowledge about whales and the importance of biodiversity for mankind.

This pod of whales is swimming through the city showing us their awesome beauty. In the center of urban life the pod represents an appearance of another world. The emergence of the whales arouses our curiosity for the nature's abundance which is a vital part of our existence.

The world's largest animals ask for attention for our combinded survival and a global sustainable ecology. The WHALESTREET project reaches the hearts of the audience and entrench itself in the consciousness of its visitors and hence become a substantial contribution to global environmental protection.

For global awareness, the project is to be realized in different cities worldwide.

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the period from 2011 to 2020 as the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity in its Resolution 65/161 (second page), and particularly point out the importance of raising public awareness on biodiversity related issues.

The project puts a core issue of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity into action with the raising of public awareness on biodiversity related issues.

The current receipts of the WHALESTREET Project will be used for the perception and preservation of biodiversity.

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